5 Strategies to keep your energy consistent

how to keep up
how to keep up

When you start something new you have great amount of energy and you start with great burst and then you smoked all of your energy in just one day or just few days. We are really creative and preservation of idea is must for us all but more importantly we have to keep our energy for long term, what steps do we need to follow i made a perfect way to keep your interest alive for lifelong.

I started many task whether it is playing guitar learning to play flute or keep doing yoga in the morning, these are some of the many habits i have dropped sooner than 1-10 days and this led me to give up task as soon as possible and it is worsening my personal and professional life so hard. There are some book i recommend reading but it also needs courage to identify your inner self and train it to be the best version. Here are some tips to keep up with your hobby and curiosity to learn.

Write down your goals.

writing down goals

Hardnote is the best way to start and write about your goal in paper, it will keep you reminding every day and push you to work for it. There are many apps in app store that keep reminding through notification but i believe it’s annoying and stressful. Writing down about your aspiration in piece of paper is natural and best reminder for you. Keep it attached where you spend most of your time and make it visible with bold letters and clear meaning. Make sure to look into your note so that it will feed in your subconscious. I have noted 2-3 of my goals which inspires me to keep moving for my goal.

Start working !!


When you feed about your goals and function in notebook and your mind then it is necessary to start working on untill it vanishes from your mind. Mind is really dynamic it explores and keep searching for new information but when corroborate you thought into a special area it starts working on it . When i started my programming journey i have focused and worked hard on reading programs written by other programmers for long then after few days i have and lost my energy because i didn’t do my own effort to write programms by my own . After then I realized tried solving questions whenever i get stucked in code i simply refer the others program and then try to solve by my own which was kinda if. Fun and challenging then i realized it better start for my work as soon as possible.

Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is the best thing you can do to start your day with great positivity . Whenever you feel demotivated or not having enough energy you can start saying in your head “i can do it i believe in myself i can go through this ” you can made this type of thought in the start of your day maybe repeat the words while looking at mirror . looking at mirror and talking to yourself give you visual motivation to yourself and will boost your confidence .

Exhale your breathe and loose your shoulders

You will be exhausted and get really tired at the point of leaving your work because you’re might not be used to give your 100% at some point you will thought of leaving your work best thing you can do to is to exhale and inhale your breathe and loose your body freely releasing your breathe with stress , believe me it works, try changing postion maybe somewhere with sunshine 🌞 and trees in green you mind relaxes much faster than indoor .


Meditation is must for everyone , it allows you to control your feelings and emotions and your mind starts to obey you. meditation helps you to achieve a better control over your body and mind. Our body always try to find relax and comfort while working its natural and need to master our mind to stop listening from body . Meditation can be many types but most common is focusing on your breath , it is very helpful to focus on something if you focus in your breathe and helps to understand much better than normal condition. While reading book keep focusing on your breath it will help you to understand much better and helps you to visualize better.

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