Why Arm chips is better than x86 chips?

Intel is the dominator in pc processor market but it is losing its place with Arms chips, but it, not Arms chip that intel will be overtaken its first nail in the coffin is thumped by Apple with its recent M1 chip(apple silicon) .

Why intel couldn’t win this chip domination with Arm? the answer is “Intel is from old school”.

apple m1 chip

Well to understand this simple,you need to understand instructions and the clock cycle. Instruction is the command to the computer which tells to perform kind of operation to be done where the clock cycle is heart pulse of the computer system which powers the particular section of the processor such as adder to add the operands and decoder to decoder to decode the instruction ,the more clock cycle the more power consumption.

The arm is based on RISC(Reduced instruction set) architecture where X86 is based in CISC(complex instruction set).

Here is an example of how x86 and Arm chips work. In this example, we have shown the working principle of Arm and x86 chips.

Arm chipsX86 intel chips
operation: To multiply two numbersoperation: To multiply two numbers
No of instruction needed:7No of instruction needed:2
No of clock cycle need needed:1No of clock cycle need needed : 8
power consumption: 2 wpower consumption: 15 w
time: 5millisecondtime: 5millisecond
Memory consumption:80kbMemory consumption:30kb

Though the execution time is similar is nearly similar in both the architecture , the clock cycle and power consumption is relatively low in arm processors. Arms memory consumption is higher than Intel’s but today memory price is drastically lower than 30 years ian which time the use of intel chips makes sense but today memory costs less.

Arm chips are efficient today because it consumes less power, intel, on the other hand, takes less memory and consumes more power which is not practical because mobile phones require a constant amount of power to keeps its user connected that’s why intel didn’t join the mobile computing because it couldn’t deliver the same performance as arm.

Why Apple chips are better than other Arm chip producers?

apple processor design

Well, i think apple may have found a solution to the arm chips major problem that it consumes more memory. Comparison to other Arm chip manufacturers like snapdragon, MediaTek apple chip consumes less memory in same specification chips .M1 is clearly leader even in the pc arm-based chips,

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